MitReise 2015 to Athens

The next MitReise will go to Athens from 3rd to 8th of July 2015. The participants will explore the contrasts of Athens – from past glory of great thinkers to the present deadlocks. Local experts, actors from civil society and cultural activists will offer a deep insight into the developments of recent decades and shed light on the social and political dimensions of the current Greek crisis and its relevance for the future of Europe. Walks through the city will make these changes of the city and the society become visible: the participants will see the historical sites as well as secret neighbourhoods aside of touristic paths and explore their impact on the citizens living in between.
This combination of local input and the unique sightseeing, gastronomic and entertainment opportunities the city has to offer promises a great MitReise to Athens!
Deadline for application is 5th of June.
Please find more information here.