MitOst: Shared Leadership

MitOst has two new Managing Directors. During the board meeting on September 2nd and 3rd 2017 the board decided to appoint Annegret Wulff and Jotham Sietsma as managing directors of MitOst.

We would like to inform you about the new MitOst management: During the board meeting on September 2nd and 3rd we decided to appoint Annegret Wulff and Jotham Sietsma as managing directors of MitOst. They start working in their new roles in September 2017.

A word from the new managing directors:
For us, MitOst is an association, a community and a network. Our aim is to strengthen civil society from Baku and Beirut to Berlin and back. We are a growing family of change makers learning from each other, creating value together, making a difference along the way. We see MitOst as an incubator and a mediator. We support grassroots initiatives taking the next step. We create spaces for real human interaction. We kick-start collaboration beyond borders and sectors. We increase our impact by working with and through partners. We believe in the power of people, culture and education. We are looking forward to both shaping and celebrating MitOst together with you at the MitOst Festival in Frankfurt Oder / Słubice.

Annegret Wulff
I have been part of the MitOst journey for the last 20 years, from the very beginning as a member and from 2001 in the MitOst office. Together with my colleagues I developed and scaled the Theodor-Heuss-Kolleg to more than 20 countries in Eastern and Central Europe, Turkey and North Africa. In the Active Citizenship Department I’m responsible for development and coordination of our citizenship education and social innovation activities. I represent MitOst, our values and approaches, in several European organisations and networks, including the EU-Russia Civil Society Forum, the Petersburg Dialogue, NECE, and others.
I completed Slavic studies, German studies and Economy in Potsdam (Germany) and Smolensk (Russia). I received further qualification in facilitation and organisational development – fields I’m passionate about. I feel privileged to work with so many inspiring people acting for positive and sustainable change across Europe and it's neighbourhood. I’m fascinated to see how much impact people and organizations can have by sharing the same values, building on trust and working towards the common goals.
I’m very much looking forward to my new role as managing director of MitOst and to create together with the team and all members the MitOst spirit and societal impact.

Jotham Sietsma
One could say I’m a by-product of the successful Tandem collaboration between European Cultural Foundation (ECF) and MitOst: after working in Amsterdam and Istanbul at the early stages of Tandem, I moved to Berlin in 2013. First as project manager for Tandem C&P, now as Tandem programme manager. My tasks include working with the Tandem Shaml, Tandem Europe and Tandem C&P teams, but also on the development of new Tandems and designing new methods.
I came to non-profit and culture by chance. I studied political science, with cooking as my first passion. After adventures running my own small business, and working at the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, I found my direction at the AIDS Foundation East-West and the European Cultural Foundation. Working with great people in places across Ukraine, Russia, Turkey and Egypt, I realised: culture doesn’t have borders, so why should we?
When I joined the MitOst festival in Novi Sad in 2014, I knew that I had come to work for the right organisation, it felt like coming home. Of course, Tandem brought me to work for MitOst in 2013 and before that in 2011 when I was still at the European Cultural Foundation. But seeing it in action, from general assembly to workshops and late night party, MitOst stole a piece of my heart. I'm looking forward to making next steps with MitOst and to working with all of you.

Please approach us with any questions you might have at vorstand(at) We look forward to seeing you soon,
Rozalina, Ivanna, Barbara, Claire-Luzia, Izzat, Sabrina