MitOst Members' Assembly

Within the frame of the 18th International MitOst Festival, we convened on 21 November 2020 for the first online MitOst Members’ Assembly.

It was both productive and fun (we even had a DJane). The members approved all draft resolutions and elected new voluntary committees. (Members will receive a newsletter soon with more details.)

MitOst Board

  • Sofia Corsi (Chairperson)
  • Barbara Anna Bernsmeier (Chairperson)
  • Yasmin Ouberri (Treasurer)
  • Barna Petrányi (Assessor)
  • Hanna Kishkurna (Assessor)
  • Joanna Nowosad (Assessor)

Cash Auditors

  • Ákos Bitter
  • Anja Kretzer

Project Advisory Board

  • Johannes Dam

Congratulations and thank you!

We thank everyone involved in the members’ assembly, be it as host or participant.
A heartfelt thank you especially goes to the former board members and other members in the voluntary committees - thank you for your dedication and your energy!