MitOst Governance Structure Process

Time for your questions, comments and your feedback! The core development group is meeting from 11 to 13 March 2019.

MitOst has grown strongly in recent years - both as an organisation and as a network - and so has its field of activity. This growth has been accompanied by changes in structures and processes within the organisation. The governance structure process is dedicated precisely to this challenge. The General Assembly 2018 has accepted a proposal and mandated the Board to conduct a governance structure process until the General Assembly 2019. Read here more about the proposel, the process and find an overview about all the activities.

In order to involve as many interest groups as possible in this process, a Steering Group with nine members was formed. The MitOst Board is represented by Ljiljana Šotra and Sabrina Schulz; Members and Alumni are represented by Saskia Herklotz, Rozalina Laskova and Stelios Voulgaris; MitOst staff are represented by Kathrin Oerters and Sebastian Schlüter, and Annegret Wulff and Jotham Sietsma represent the management of MitOst.

The group is responsible for carrying out the restructuring process. Its task is to develop various scenarios and proposals for a future governance structure at MitOst. These proposals will be discussed with members, alumni and staff at the 2019 MitOst Camp in May and further developed together. Subsequently, concrete submissions for the 2019 General Assembly will be developed.

The core development group is meeting from 11 to 13 March 2019. Your questions, your comments and your critical feedback are very welcome to be considered and discussed during there meeting. Please contact the group by e-mail at coregroup(at), or discuss onlie at*

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