MitOst-Camp 2018

Co-shape MitOst! Apply until 2 April and join the MitOst Camp in Berlin from 4 to 6 May. Once a year members are invited to work intensively on the strategy and development of MitOst.

Dear members,

Once a year, MitOst invites all its members to join the MitOst Camp. During this event, participants work intensively on the strategy and development of MitOst. This years’ MitOst Camp will take place in Berlin from the 4th to 6th of May 2018. Let’s co-shape MitOst together, discuss future challenges and brainstorm innovative solutions. You are warmly invited to join us in our new office spaces!

The MitOst community is growing and our network expanding. Within this context, we would like to discuss how the MitOst membership and the MitOst network relate to each other. What does it mean to be part of the network and what to be a member of the association? How can MitOst be sensibly and effectively directed by an honorary board? How can members, even beyond the MitOst Camp, participate better in the development of MitOst – online and offline? What good practices exist in the regional groups and how can members network locally?

The list of topics is not complete. Together with you we will decide which topics we want to focus on during the MitOst Camp. Therefore, we will start the MitOst Camp by deciding together and voting on the topics we want to work on during the camp. Thus, we ask you to suggest topics with your application.
If you will not be able to participate in this year’s MitOst Camp you can still suggest a topic. Please write a short e-mail to info(at)
The documentation of the MitOst Camp will be made available for all MitOst members and we are looking forward to further discussions after the MitOst Camp.

Application and registration
Please apply until 2th of April via this online form.

Why do we introduce an application process?

  • We would like to make the most of the time we spend together. An application process allows us to form a varied group of MitOst members with a wide range of of knowledge and experience. A smaller group allows for a better preparation and deeper discussions.
  • MitOst has members in 44 countries. We would like to enable a diverse group of members to join the MitOst Camp to bring in their motivation, capacity and expertise, regardless of their financial situation. Therefore, travel costs can be partially reimbursed.

Invitation for all
The MitOst Camp is always an occasion to meet the MitOst community in and around Berlin. Saturday night will be open for exactly this. All MitOst members are invited to a Harvesting Session followed by a party. 
Anyone who wants to get to know better MitOst and its new office in Berlin even before is cordially invited to Office Warming Party on April 20th.

Accommodation, Board, Travel Cost Reimbursement
All participants receive a travel allowance of up to 75% of their travel costs and a maximum of 200 Euro. Participants from Germany receive 75% of travel expenses and a maximum of 50 euros, participants from Berlin or Brandenburg receive no travel allowance

  • We ask you to pay attention to your ecological footprint during your travel planning. Please speak to us in advance, if you want to arrive by plane.
  • We have a very small budget to accommodate you in a Hotel in Berlin. Therefore, we would like to encourage you to couchsurf within the Berlin MitOst community as a fun alternative to staying in a hotel.
  • Question to all Berliners: who has a free sleeping place and is excited about meeting new people from the network? Please contact us via info(at) Or post your offer/ request in the facebook group "MitOst Couchsurfing".
  • An afternoon and evening snack will be provided by us on Saturday

Uta Protzmann and Laura Werling will answer to your organisational questions at info(at) or +49 (0)30 31 51 74 63.
We are looking forward to your application!
Warm greetings, 
Rozalina, Barbara, Sabrina, Izzat, Claire Luzia, Ljiljana (MitOst Board),
Annegret und Jotham (MitOst Managing Directors)
Kathrin, Lisa, Alice (MitOst Network of Members and Alumni Department)