Members' assembly 2016 - results

On 8 October 2016 the latest members' assembly took place within the frame of the 14th International MitOst Festivals in Tbilisi, Georgia. Around 100 members decided on the future developments of the association. A smaller MitOst community took also part and commented on the assembly via live streaming*. 

Overview of results:

  • With minor modifications, the assembly agreed on electoral regulations and governance principles which were elaborated in working groups throughout the association's year. The new MitOst Board was assigned to further develop the wording of the association's mission statement which had also been created within a working group. The general contents of the statement were approved.

  • A change of statues has been approved: members of the MitOst Board are now being elected for the period of two years (instead of one year). Reelected board members can choose whether to continue to be in office for one or two years.

  • MitOst will continue to be the organising body of the Lectureship programme of Robert Bosch Stiftung - which will focus from 2018 on solely on Asia - for a test period of three years which will be evaluated in a transparent process (assignment of the board). 

  • A big Thank you was expressed to previous board members Eszter Tóth, Rozalina Laskova, Anja Kretzer, Sergej Shalamov, Christian Kühn /and Kathrin Oerters). 
  • A new MitOst Board has been elected: Rozalina Laskova (now first chair person), Ivanna Chupak (second chairperson), Barbara Anna Bernsmeier (treasurer), Izzat Khushbakov (assessor), Claire Leifert (assessor) und Olga Skobina (assessor). All in all, nine candidates had run for election.

  • The Project Advisory Board now has five (instead of four) members: Małgorzata Gedlek (second year in office), Witja Frank, Magdalena Blender, Frank Weiße-Bartos and Joanna Novosad.

  • It was announced that the 15th International MitOst Festival will take place in Frankfurt (Oder) / Słubice. 

More information on the assembly's resolutions will be provided in our October newsletter and in the assembly protocol - soon to be published. 

*The live streaming of the assembly is still be available in our Youtube channel here and here. We hope to soon provide you with a proper recording without interruptions and in full length.