KlickOst Voting 2017

The winners are announced:

Dear MitOst members, 

you had the chance to support member projects with you vote to get financial support through KlickOst. So you decide which idea will be implemented and put into action. 

The results of KlickOst Festival edition are finally known!

We would like to announce that the winning projects of KlickOst voting are "Vostok Dom - Oral Stories in Fiction Practice" and "Eco-Friendly Football". The first project will be implemented in Ukraine, the second one is going to be implemented in Georgia.
In total, 68 MitOst members voted for their favorite projects. And here are the all results:

  1. 24 votes for Vostok Dom - Oral Stories in Fiction Practice 
  2. 18 votes for Eco-Friendly Football 
  3. 13 votes for Open Plot: Creative Transformations of a Self-Made City
  4. 13 votes for Borderless - Oral History Contest for Young People

Thank you for your votes and involvement. The Project Advisor Board wishes good luck for the winning project teams!