KlickOst Grant Voting is Open!

Vote until 9 December for one of 7 members projects to get the grant.

Dear MitOst members,

Support your favourite project by voting for it. The project with most of the member votes gets the KlickOst grant. You decide which ideas will be implemented and put into action. The voting is open until 9 December 2018.

Step by step – this is how it works:

  • Have a look at all projects which are in contention for the KlickOst grant.
  • If you are a MitOst member please vote at surveymonkey for your favorite project.
  • Please enter your full name (please note: only members can vote!)
  • And voilà: With one click you can support your favourite project to get the grant.

KlickOst is a call, which allows all MitOst members to choose by a mouse click which project should be supported. Support your favourite project with your vote. Vote via surveymonkey for your favourite project.

And now: let's vote!

Your Project Advisory Board