KlickOst: And the Winner is...

"Inclusion now"! Congratulations for "Inclusion now" project which received the most votes within the framwork of KlickOst. The project with the full title "Inclusion now – Future teacher in exchange on the topic of Life with a disability" aims to send an active signal against prejustice and stereotypes of people with disabilities in Uzbekistan. From April to May, future teacher will deal with the topic on inclusion and participate in various workshops and thus being prepared for their profession in teaching or educating young people and kids with disabilities.

As you know, KlickOst is the only format where MitOst member can decide directly on project funding. In total, 83 MitOst member made use of the possibility to vote for their favorite project. 34 votes were given to the winner "Inclusion now". The project "Education exists" received 20 votes, "School of traditional singing" received 18 votes and the project "We remember" received 11 votes.

We, the project advisory board, are delighted about the high rate of votes and say thank you for your envolvement!