KlickOst 2018 - you voted

Find out how the members voted this time for KlickOst.

The project “Tek Bunkeri – Build a Future on Forgotten Concrete” received most member votes within the frame of the KlickOst competition. Congratulations!

The project team wants to make the concepts of sustainable development and active citizenship tangible in Albania through developing and implementing small pilot projects with village communities. Albania’s bunkers, until now mostly unused relics of its dark past, could - without large investments and in a sustainable way - provide a space for small projects and foster a new culture of co-creation and community. During workshops, the village communities and students develop concepts for the sustainable cultural, economic or social use of former bunkers and implement them in pilot projects.

KlickOst is a format where MitOst member decide directly which project will be funded. This is how the 77 MitOst members voted:

  • Tek Bunkeri – Build a Future on Forgotten Concrete: 26
  • Hear my Gender: 16 voices
  • Avant-Garde Alley: 10 voices
  • Creativity and Social Entrepreneurship : How to… ?: 10 voices
  • The Degrowth Institute: 8 voices
  • Food and Spices Walking Tour: 5 voices
  • Constantinople 1918 - Istanbul 2019: 2 voices

We thank the voters for their involvement and all applicants for their great project ideas!

Warm regards,
Cornelia, Jeremy, David, Dominik und Frank
Project Advisory Board