Join-in Projects: vote for your favourite idea until 15 May!

Altogether 9 ideas have been sent to the Project Advisory Board for the upcoming Join-in Project competition. MitOst members can now select one winner project for a 600 Euro grant.

Project overview:

Advices of Urban Buddha   
The “Mitigation Professional Burnout Workshop” was developed as a response to the needs of people, who spend more and more time in front of computers in their offices and who are getting absorbed by a daily routine of urban life with its billions of challenges and full of stress. During a one day workshop the participants will experience the power of special drumming techniques, participate in a performance presented by a representative of the “Creative Art Studio A-sol” and learn embodiment and mindfulness body practices, which will support them efficiently to cope with professional challenges.

Workbook „RuRuRu“: Russian in Russia together with Russians
An open Team of Russians, who are interested in Russian and German language and culture, will create the workbook “RuRuRu”: A combination of grammar book, exercise book and language guide. The book will enable Germans to learn Russian and to use the just learned immediately in a conversation. Thus the newly learned words and grammar structures can be memorized easily. The book will be especially suitable for language tandem or self-study in Russia. The participants of the project themselves will use the book with their tandem partners.

In search of identity – Bulgarian-Macedonian borders
Through the emerging Macedonian state in 1946 citizens of the area were assigned to the states of Bulgaria and Macedonia. The question of identity and individual belonging of the people from Bulgaria and Macedonia has been a taboo topic in society and was avoided in the public discourse ever since. The idea is to give those people a voice through an exhibition and a workshop with Interviews and photographies.

Balkans butcher charts
This project is a metaphor.
This is a metaphor for the very difficult cultural situation in which the people of the Balkans found themselves after the last fratricidal war.
Some of us already have children, someone will definitely have someone soon. And creatures live in fairy-tales, which children love so much. And so we did it, almost made our project. The pictures are almost drawn. Seven mythical creatures, prepared for the butcher’s knife and covered with texts in different languages
In general, this project is about friendship and work of different people, believers and atheists, people of different religions and backgrounds.  We were united by love for culture, for tradition and for the future.  

Carpathian ALLigator as a symbol of NEW Carpathian ART
“Carpathian Alligator” is a neo-art-installation, which will draw attraction to the extincting  folk art of Carpathian region in extraordinary way: Through the myth of a race of peculiar animals – “Carpathian alligators and hutzulosaurs” –, which are spouse to have lived in old times around the region and became the base for the whole culture of arts and crafts. The installation is a possibility to let the traditional Carpathian art breathe again through young neo-art.

Eco-friendly football
“Eco - friendly football” match promotes environment-friendly activities aimed at turning neglected sports facilities at the coastal part of the Black Sea into community places suitable for doing sports and socializing. Garbage problems have become an urgent matter in the region of Adjara, but local authorities do not invest money to solve it. The project is the first attempt to promote garbage collection and recycling with the locals. Georgian, Abhaz, Ossetin, Ukrainian, Greek people living in Kobuleti (Georgia) will gather to clean the beach sport stadium and the surrounding territory from the garbage in order to play an eco-friendly football match.

MitWem? An anniversary song for MitOst
In September Mitost members will gather in Dresden for a vocal workshop in order to create and to record an anniversary song for MitOst. The project will be documented with a video, which will be shown at the MitOst festival.

Music village gatherings 
Music village gatherings in 7 Ukrainian villages. The project aims to bring good music to the villages, where alumni and members of MitOst are located. To make the cultural life in the villages more diverse, to support good Ukrainian music and to try out the format of work with culture to connect alumni and members and to activate the creative potential of depressive Ukrainian villages. Progressive Ukrainian singers will make a music tour from village to village.  

Students' Rights are Human Rights
Since the beginning of March more than 1100 people were arrested during peaceful protests in Belarus, more than 220 of them were sentenced to imprisonment. Among the convicts were dozens of students. Some of them were expelled afterwards from university as a result of their “absent days” in prison. Libereco will launch together with Belarusian partners a campaign against this double violation of human rights in terms of imprisonment and expulsion from university, in order to demand the revocation of the expulsion of the students from belarusian universities. Furthermore the provision of places to study and scholarships will be demanded abroad, in case the expulsions will persist.

MitOst members will shortly receive a link to the survey and can vote for a winner project.