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Video message from Eszter Tóth, 1. chairwoman and Martin Hofmann, k-i-d jury member.

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MINDEPENDENCE is a cross-media project on media independence and freedom of expression in countries where these values are at stake. The project intends to showcase the sociopolitical specificities of media independence in priority countries by introducing daring media organizations and their efforts towards transparent, uncompromising, socially engaged journalism. The kick-off documentary will take place in Hungary and the next cases to follow are Turkey and Egypt.

The project "MINDEPENDENCE" is winner of the competition 2015 - a program of the Ernst Schering Foundation and MitOst. Your donation will be doubled in the framework of a matching fund to a maximum of 3.000 Euro by the Ernst Schering Foundation.

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  • Freedom of expression and information is a fundamental right but not a right everyone enjoys.
  • Strong, uncompromising voices of independent media should be identified and heard.
  • Cross-border exchange of challenges, risks and methods between media organizations should be facilitated.
  • We know that media freedom is suppressed but we don’t really know what it takes to claim it against all odds.

"We live in a time when media companies and their journalists are quickly losing ground: they face growing pressure, enormous financial and legal struggles and they have to redefine their work and role in the society. While the space for independent media is shrinking, people easily forget that the free flow of information is vital for a democracy, just like the oxygen for the human body. Mindependence is here to remind us this fact and to shed light on a possible future of cross-border in-depth journalism." Direkt36

The Cause
Media is constitutionally declared as the guarantor of pluralism and democracy. Yet, this is not always the case in many countries, even in those that pride themselves on being democracies and respecting the UN Plan of Action on the Safety of Journalists and Impunity (2012). While social media and citizen journalism gain significant ground over the last years, the space for independent media has been shrinking rapidly as a result of pressure from political and/or economic interests.

Past and recent events in different countries indicate that the “wrongdoings” go beyond mere misinformation or governmental regulation. In the name of a distorted interpretation of national security needs, we witness severe cases of civic rights infringements and abuse against journalists.

MINDEPENDENCE seeks to raise awareness and stimulate debate on such phenomena, supporting the idea that media independence and freedom of expression are integral ingredients for pluralistic, politically engaged and democratic societies.

Objectives and Impact
MINDEPENDENCE intends to showcase the sociopolitical specificities of media independence in priority countries by introducing daring media organizations and their efforts towards transparent, uncompromising, socially engaged journalism. Through MINDEPENDENCE, we aspire to achieve the following impact:

  1. Raise awareness on the methods, challenges and risks of practicing media independence.
  2. Facilitate cross-border exchange of practices and challenges between media organizations.
  3. Empower young journalists, IT specialists and other independent experts with the values of pro-transparency and anti-corruption journalism.
  4. Establish a transnational community of engaged people who will actively contribute to MINDEPENDENCE upcoming activities.

"For many years, number of countries in the Western Balkans exhibited a worrying pattern of press freedom violations;and it’s only getting worse. Editorial pressure from political leaders and private owners lead to self-censorship, attacks on journalists that went unpunished were just some of the products of the rotten political systems. Mindependence reminds us that freedom of media is not the given right, but the one we should always fight for". Hanja Marovic, journalist

"The topic of media freedom becomes more and more important every day, as we can see an increase in the intimidation of journalists and other measures that lead to limited press freedom and threaten journalists because of their work in Europe and elsewhere. A free press forms the core of a democratic society that respects human rights and everyone's right of access to information. With her groundbreaking project Martha Bouziouri and MINDEPENDENCE are continuing a discussion that we hope will never be silenced." Anna Saraste, Member of Executive Board, European Youth Press

"MINDEPENDENCE gives us a vivid idea of the difficult conditions under which independent media organizations also in Europe fight for uncensored news coverage. The Ernst Schering Foundation supports the project, since freedom of the press is something that needs to be defended every day. It is the essential condition for enabling us to freely form an opinion. Please join us in supporting the project!" Heike Catherina Mertens, Director of Ernst Schering Foundation

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