Deadline extended: Take Action For Solidarity! 

You can still apply until June 21, 2020 with your idea for virbrant and resilient communities.

As an open and diverse network, MitOst connects active citizens across different sectors, with different backgrounds and expertise from Europe and its neighboring regions. Collaborating on common projects they create local and cross-border impact in the areas of cultural exchange, active citizenship, social cohesion, as well as sustainable urban and rural development. 

Since physical distancing is one form of solidarity these days we are reshaping our routines and practices individually and as a network. Within the MitOst communities we are currently experimenting with and testing tools and solutions that bring people together to create “distant connections”.
With the MitOst Solidarity in Action grant we now want to support members and alumni in the MitOst communities challenged by the Corona crisis who explore the following questions through small projects:

  • How can we stay active and further evolve as vibrant and resilient networks and communities without physical contact?
  • How can we foster community in the digital space?     
  • How can we support smart and resilient communities that stand together in times of crises? 
  • How can we harvest common learnings from the crisis and apply them in the future?  

We support digital and analogue * projects on a local and international level that 

  • connect people to exchange and engage, share and co-create within the MitOst network
  • are an impulse for sustainable connections and cooperation
  • are playful, educational, practical
  • build capacity through peer-to-peer learning

The Solidarity in Action grant is open to members and alumni within the MitOst community. The maximum amount of funding per project is € 1,000. You are eligible for up to 100% funding.

You can apply here until Sunday, June 21, 2020. 

* in line with the MitOst corona regulations 

If you have questions you can reach the Project Advisory Board via e-mail: projektbeirat[at]