Civic Europe Idea Challenge - Call for Ideas 2020

Apply now with your idea for the future of active citizenship and democracy in Europe!

Why the Idea Challenge? 

In times of polarisation and deep political divisions, open and functioning civic spaces and active citizens at all levels of society are the strongholds for democracy in Europe. Only a vibrant and diverse civil society lives up to the potential that the core idea of democracy holds: co-creating our own future and having agency to influence our collective lives.

Because polarisation has grown over recent years around Europe and the world, support for civil society has become more crucial. Organisations, initiatives and projects that showcase the possibilities for living in diversity and remaining open and tolerant while holding profound disagreements operate most effectively on local level, filling the specific needs of their local community. Their work can also be regarded as “a living practice of democracy”, democracy at its core: actively co-shaping a colourful, vibrant community life that builds bridges, strengthens civic cohesion and creates hope for a better future. This is where the Civic Europe Idea Challenge starts: We are looking for 15 lighthouse ideas that function as bright horizons and inspiration for bringing people together in times of segregation and animosity.

Do You Want More Information?  

The full description of the Civic Europe Idea Challenge call can be found here.

How to Apply? 

You can submit your project idea until May 27, 2020 online in the idea space right here.