Civic Europe - Call for Scouting Partners

Apply now to become scouting partner for the Civic Europe Idea Challenge!

Civic Europe is starting off this year as a new programme focusing on civic cohesion and active citizenship on the local level in Central, Southeastern and Southern Europe. The programme is divided in two pillars: on one hand, an idea challenge and civic incubator, on the other a capacity-building programme for local CSOs conducted by partner organisations from the region. Civic Europe is realised by MitOst and Sofia Platform, funded by Stiftung Mercator.

The Civic Europe Idea Challenge supports locally, regionally and nationally rooted organisations from twelve European countries active in any kind of civic activities that foster a culture of democracy and participation in their community. We fund up to 15 local projects per year with grants of up to €50,000 each and provide them with mentoring and support.

The Civic Europe Idea Challenge are looking to team up with one scouting partner for each of the twelve eligible countries: Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Croatia, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain.

Scouting partners are local active members of civil society that support the Civic Europe team to spread the call for the 2020 idea challenge in their country. The main task of the scouting partner is to reach out through their networks and directly address relevant local actors on the ground whose work and motivation fit the profile of the Civic Europe Idea Challenge.

Profile of scouts:

  • Scouts should have wide networks and connections within local, regional and national civil society that expands outside of the usual urban centres or the capital city and is not solely based on digital connections.
  • Scouts should have several years of activity in the civil society sector of the country on a local and/or national level.
  • Scouts should have a keen eye for a good project application.
  • Scouts can be individuals or organisations.

The scouting partners receive a one-time gross payment of €1400 for the assignment.

The scouting activities should take place between 15 April and 1 June 2020.

For more information see the call for application here.

Extendend Application Deadline is 12 March 2020.