Call LMU Munich: Musical Representations of the East and West Musical Representations of the East and West

Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich, November 9 to 11, 2018

What we perceive as belonging to the East and what to the West, changes with the position from which we look at it. Only as geopolitical concepts were the terms provided with fixed connotations. Especially when referring to art and music, their use fosters stereotypes, bias, and misrepresentation. However, this discussion must be taken seriously insofar as it articulates a need to differentiate oneself from a perceived “other”. When “the East” is present in “the West” and vice versa, whether as a concept or embodied in individuals, differences become evident, but at the same time can potentially be overcome.

We would like to invite young academics from the fields of musicology and related disciplines to a discussion of their ideas. Contributions that allow insight beyond individual case studies and beyond the borders of a particular national music are preferred. The following questions and terminology are offered for consideration:

  • What do artists and audiences experience as “East” and “West”? How is it represented musically? How did the attribution and perception change historically?
  • the self, the other, inclusion, exclusion, chauvinism, exoticism, power structures
  • “Euro-Orientalism” and Eastern Europe as the “paradoxical other”, which continually resists an appropriation as “different”
  • possibilities (or illusions) of a synthesis, such as “Central Europe”, “Mediterranean music” etc.
  • What effect do criticism and scholarship have on the dissemination of these concepts? To what extent is musicology political? Should it or can it avoid a political response?

Please send your suggestions for contributions in English or German by June 15, 2018 to david.vondracek(at) Abstracts of 200 to 300 words should include information on the research question, methodology and preliminary findings. Additionally, applicants are asked to provide bibliographic information and keywords for panelling purposes, as well as short biographical notes.

The publication of the conference proceedings is planned.

Organisers: Dr. Stefanie Strigl and David Vondráček, M.A., University of Munich LMU, in cooperation with Miloš Zapletal, Ph.D., Academy of the Sciences of the Czech Republic, Institute of Ethnology