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Ukraine Lab is an interdisciplinary platform for a smart networking and cross-sectorial cooperation of changemakers as well as a actors from think tanks where visions and innovations for civil society and culture can be born. In the pilot year of 2015 the programme starts with two big cross-sectorial forums

  • Ukraine Lab: "Best practices and interdisciplinary approaches in the civil society and culture for the (after)-crisis period" from 23rd to 26th of March 2015 in Kyiv
  • Ukraine Lab: "Innovations and visions for peacebuilding in the civil society and culture" from 20th to 24th of September 2015 Ivano-Frankivsk.

And as well as with an tool fair for educators "Non-formal education. Methods. Reality. Future" from 21st to 24th of May 2015 in Cherkasy.

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Call for application:

We are looking for the civic activists and representatives of NGO from Ukraine, who are eager to exchange about their work in crisis times as well as to search for innovative and interdisciplinary approaches for the after crisis future. Does it sound exiting for you? Please check the details here and feel welcome to apply:

Відкрито конкурс на участь у форумі "Ukraine Lab: Найкращі практики та міждисциплінарні підходи для громадянського суспільства та культури в кризові та пост-кризові часи", 23-26 березня 2015 року, м. Київ

Are you an experienced facilitator working on the field on non-formal education in Ukraine and would like to share your know-how? Are you only beginning this job and would like to exchange contacts with the colleagues in Ukraine? In both cases you could be interested to participate in the open space and tool fair on the field on non-formal democratic citizenship education which is taking place in May 2015 in Ukraine. The call is open. Find all the information here:

"Неформальна освіта в Україні. Методи. Реалії. Майбутнє", 21-24 травня, Черкаси.