Become member of the CitizensLab!

MitOst members can apply until 11 February to participate at the 4. Forum Meeting.

CitizensLab is looking for MitOst members to join the 4th Forum Meeting

The CitizensLab is continuing its exploration of new civil society and societal change in Europe. MitOst members now have the opportunity to join the CitizensLab by attending the next Forum Meeting and be involved in local and translocal intervention. If you want to engage on a European level in systemic change and become a member of the CitizensLab community of practice, please apply here until 11 February, 2018 to:

….attend the next Forum Meeting 
The 4th Forum Meeting will take place from 12–15 April, 2018 in Italy, Slovenia or Romania. It is a reflective and experimental space where active citizens from all sectors come together and share their experiences, practices and knowledge. Participants bring their individual and local expertise to the collective question of ‘How can our diverse practices create a more meaningful quality of life in Europe’. Accommodation and meals will be fully covered; travel costs will be partially reimbursed up to 75 percent. Another Forum Meeting will be co-designed and co-hosted by members of the CitizensLab in mid-November 2018.

…engage in subsequent Prototypes
During the Forum Meeting participants co-create ideas for a new system in real time. Small teams engage in local and translocal interventions and experiments to prototype alternative approaches and new solutions on how we can better live, work and learn together. Those Prototypes scale and connect both existing and new local initiatives and practice change by developing a culture of sharing, collaboration and mutual learning. Get inspired by the first four Prototypes of the CitizensLab. Prototypes can be supported by small kick-off grants.

Find more information including the application form here.
If you have any questions please contact Alice Priori alice.priori(at)