Be part of the 16th International MitOst Festival

Join the festival and regsiter yourself or/and a session for the programme until 4 July 2018.

Dear MitOst Community and Friends,

We kindly invite you to join the 16th International MitOst Festival and spread the word. This year we will meet, exchange and celebrate in Athens, Greece and will be hosted by our wonderful local partners Stelios from COMM’ON and Natassa from Communitism.

What's new this year?

  1. In order to allow sufficient time for the logistics and organisation of the festival, we have decided to shorten the registration period. The registration is possible until 4 July 2018. If you would like to propose a session for the festival, you can send us your proposal until July 4, 2018.
  2. To ensure that the MitOst Festival remains a special experience for its participants and in order to acknowledge the impact on the local environment as well as to respect the capacities of the organising teams, we will limit the overall number of participants in the MitOst Festival to 350.
  3. We support member with travel allowance. In order to simplify the processes and create a more transparent and fair system, we are now working with a fixed travel allowance for members of 25 percent. Please note that within a limited budget we can support members who could otherwise not attend the festival for financial reasons.

Find all information to register and the register form in German, English and Russian at

We are looking forward to meeting you soon in Athens to celebrate the MitOst Festival. Cheers!