Apply for Join-in projects until 5 November 2017

MitOst supports members projects. Apply with your join-in project and get funding max. 2000 €.

In this section, MitOst supports projects aiming at fostering language and cultural exchange and dialogue as well as active citizenship in Europe and its neighbouring regions. There are several possibilities for Join-in Projects. Here are some examples:


  • International trainings and workshops concerning current and historical topics
  • Projects to enhance tolerance and allow mutual understanding of languages and cultures Transnational book tours of young authors
  • Travelling exhibitions and project documentaries in cooperation with local partners
  • International theatre festivals and other art cooperations
  • Study visits for members and supporters in regions and cultural landscapes of Europe and its neighbouring countries
  • Connecting of regional initiatives and project groups Please find information about earlier projects in the project archive.

What and how much can be funded?
Usually, we are able to provide funding for 30 to 70 percent of the total project costs. For the rest, funding must come from third-parties, own contributions of the participants or nonmonetary benefits. Third-party funds are really distributed subsidies coming from other institutions or private donors. Own contributions of the participants to the projects costs may concern travel expenses, costs for food or participation fees. Nonmonetary benefits are services that can be used for free, although they would need to be paid normally (for example the use of event locations, the preparation of copies, accommodation offered by friends). The maximal amount of funding for Language and Culture Projects is 2,000 euro.

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