Alfred Landecker Democracy Fellowship

Populist, nationalist and racist ideologies are threatening democracies in Europe and the United States in a myriad of ways. COVID-19 has intensified problems and inequalities that have long existed. There is no doubt that the global pandemic has scaled the disparities to a level that is alarming for democratic societies. At the same time, we witness the abominable effects of Antisemitism, racial discrimination and the continuous suppression of minority rights. They all underlie the need for civil society to act. The attacks on Black people and other People of Color illustrate that equity and living free from fear and discrimination remain hollow promises in Europe and the United States. The Alfred Landecker Democracy Fellowship tasks 30 young leaders of diverse backgrounds with translating innovative ideas for social change into tangible realities.

The Fellowship

In partnership with the Alfred Landecker Foundation, Humanity in Action is launching the Alfred Landecker Democracy Fellowship. For this program, Humanity in Action will also collaborate with the social impact agency Purpose. The Fellowship brings together 30 diverse leaders from Europe and the United States who spend one year working part-time on creating projects that reinvent democratic spaces, strengthen social cohesion and build community against the backdrop of COVID-19’s impact on democracy. With financial support, the inaugural cohort of the Alfred Landecker Democracy Fellows work together from October 25, 2020 to October 24, 2021. They form a unique community with strong ties to the Alfred Landecker Foundation and the Humanity in Action alumni network.

The Objective

The Alfred Landecker-Humanity in Action partnership enables young leaders to strengthen their impact on political and societal discourses, policy making and social realities. As a community of change makers, the Alfred Landecker Democracy Fellows develop innovative projects to address a broad range of democratic deficiencies in Europe and the United States. Our goal for this Fellowship is to build a new generation of leaders whose approaches to political and social challenges become catalysts for democratic placemaking and community building. We support them in their efforts to bring about societal change. We task our Fellows with planning, designing and managing public spaces, on- and offline, through cross-border civic engagement projects. By fostering strong partnerships that strengthen liberal democracies’ commitment to diversity and human rights, our intention is for our Fellows to develop an impactful reach into society.

The Fellows

The Alfred Landecker Democracy Fellows are young professionals with demonstrated leadership experience. They have the vision, commitment and networks it takes to shape society. Each of them designs, tests and implements an innovative project that has a publicly visible impact on their communities and beyond. The Alfred Landecker Democracy Fellows come from diverse backgrounds including politics, business, the arts, activism and academia. They have vastly different identities and ideas, but share democratic values. The Fellows are collaborative, passionate, hands-on and empathic protagonists. They feel responsible for leading social change. They are based in the European Union, the United Kingdom or the United States.

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