Advocate Europe - Your Idea for Europa

Europe. Now more than ever.

Join our idea challenge and help shape a Europe that is co-created by its citizens – a Europe that is based on open-mindedness and tolerance, and that protects individual rights, guarantees democracy and the rule of law, and ensures freedom. Amidst resurgent nationalism, fear of terrorism and a refugee crisis, Europe needs game-changing ideas. Ideas of a Europe defined by possibilities, not by limits. Now more than ever.

Advocate Europe wants to strengthen changemakers in Europe and to support those who want to effect real and positive transformations in our societies. Let’s do it together and let’s do it now!

Submit your ideas for our common European future. Our call for ideas is open until the 8th of March 2016 (18.00 CET). Join us in discussing the proposed ideas in our online community and help us spread the call.

Europe’s future is in our hands. If we don’t step up, who will?

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