MitOst Governance Structure Process

MitOst has grown strongly in recent years - both as an organisation and as a network - and so has its field of activity. This growth has been accompanied by changes in structures and processes within the organisation. At the MitOst Camp and the MitOst Agora, there were repeated discussions as to how our organisational structure and decision-making processes could be adapted to the current circumstances. The governance structure process is dedicated precisely to this challenge.

Based on the results of last year’s MitOst Camp and the MitOst Agora, MitOst’s Board and the management  submitted a draft resolution to the Members' Assembly in 2018 proposing a process for revising the governance structure of MitOst. The Members' Assembly 2018 accepted this proposal and mandated the Board to conduct the process until the 2019 Members' Assembly. 

Core Development Group

In order to involve as many stakeholders as possible in this process, a Core Development Group with nine Members was formed. Ljiljana Šotra and Sabrina Schulz represent the MitOst Board in the group. From the group of members and alumni, Saskia Herklotz, Rozalina Laskova and Stelios Voulgaris were elected to the group. Annegret Wulff and Jotham Sietsma joined the group as managing directors, Kathrin Oerters and Sebastian Schlüter as staff representatives. The Core Development Group received professional support from organisational development consultants at socius Organisationsberatung.

Governance is derived from the French word "gouverner" and means "manage, direct, educate". In the sense of organisational structures, a governance model refers to the general system of control and regulation as well as the structure of the organisation. The governance structure process at MitOst is primarily dedicated to decision-making processes within our organisation and the organisational structure.

Task and Mandate of the Core Development Group 

The group was responsible for carrying out the restructuring process. Its task was to develop various scenarios and proposals for a future governance structure at MitOst. The mandate of the Core Development Group ended with the 2019 MitOst Camp.

Among the work results of the Core Development Group are:

  • Guiding principles that serve as a compass for the Governance Structure Process  and provide some characteristics of a future governance structure for MitOst
  • Insights from the stakeholder interviews, as well as from different circles, in-depth discussions and feedback rounds (e.g. with MitOst staff, THK gathering, programme meetings)  that identified qualities and specific functions to maintain and protect, as well as those to be created and developed further.
  • A spectrum of three possible governance models that ranges from model 1 (Association at the Core), which comes closest to the form currently described in the MitOst statutes, to model 2 (Network Association), which is very close to the current reality at MitOst, to model 3 (Network Incubator), which was born from thinking out of the box and pursues an ecosystem approach (self-organised, decentralised, with the common purpose of „ “creating change in the world“).

MitOst Camp 2019

The MitOst Camp served as a milestone in the Governance Structure Process. Among the group of participants were more than 30 people from 10 different countries, long-term members and new members, alumni and active non-members; representatives of partner organisations; people who understand MitOst as a network and people who feel connected to the association’s structure; as well as MitOst office staff. MitOst Camp 2019 was hosted by the Core Development Group.
The MitOst Camp converged on the network organisation as the proposed governance model for MitOst. It is defined by a number of core elements that will need to be worked out in more detail once an agreement is reached on the overall model during the MitOst Members’ Assembly on 5 October 2019. The results of MitOst Camp 2019 are summarised in the MitOst Camp Report.

MitOst Camp Report 2019

Based on the results of the MitOst Camp, the MitOst Board and the managing directors prepared joint proposals for the 2019 Members’ Assembly at the MitOst Festival in Budapest on 5 October 2019. These proposals were made available to all MitOst members and MitOst Festival participants and will be discussed during the MitOst Festivals' agora.

Call for action and feedback

We want to open the process from the beginning, share current information and partial results, and involve you and other stakeholders. How can you participate?

Give us a feedback 
Your questions, your comments and your critical feedback are very welcome. Do you know organisations that have an interesting governance model, or do you have other ideas that could inspire us for the process? Please contact us by e-mail at coregroup(at), by phone in the MitOst office or in person at the MitOst camp or on another occasion. You can also share it anonymiously via Google Forms here.

Take part in discussions 
Information about the process will be posted here, in newsletters and you can join the forum at the Bosch Alumni Network to discuss more details. Enter or register to enter. Under "groups" you will find MitOst. Join the group and find in the menu item "FAQ" the forum to exchange and discuss.
You will be also invited to join one of the online discussions via zoom, the dates will be announced soon. 

Share your views 
Some of you will be contacted by the group to get a deeper insight into your viewpoints, visions and thoughts. We are happy if you give us some time and share your knowledge with us. The MitOst Camp will take place in 24 to 26 May 2019 in Berlin. In March, we will send out the invitation and the application. Keep an eye on your inbox.