Project Advisory Board

MitOst members have the possiblity to receive mentoring and financial support for the implementation of their own projects. The honorary Project Advisory Board decides upon project applications and helps during the process of project management.

Dominik Stenzel



It all started for with participating in 2015 at RuhrstadtTRÄUMER.
Without MitOst I would maybe not known about my interested in intercultural exchange. And I would not know all kinds of possibilities how to be engaged and to change something.
My MitOst utopia: A lively cooperation between MitOst and governments started (of course everyone is a member of MitOst :D).
I also would like to say: I really enjoy to learn, to explore and to discover. I hope more and more people dare to be adventures.

Cornelia Püschel

It all started with my time as a Bosch-lecturer at a university in 西安 / Xi’an.
Without MitOst I would not have been able to start the global education programme or to enjoy the post-lectureship time as much as part of a wider community. My life would be short of a hundred enriching impulses had I not visited the MitOst festivals in Tblissi and Słubice.
MitOst Utopia: Let’s create a truly global NGO which leads as an example of diversity.
I would also like to say: I am here to create ideas and collaborate with all of those global and Eurasian
individuals who want to shape society on all levels. Let’s interlink politics, education and culture as part of the same effort.

Nurana Mamadova

It all started with the Joint Civic Education programme in 2012.
Without MitOst I would not have gained lifelong friends and met so many active citizens from all corners of the continent.
My MitOst Utopia: MitOst will become a self-triggered platform and known around the globe.
I would also like to say: Since I got to know about MitOst the very first time, my main learning is great waves of peace start from the very small similarities.

Nurana Mammadova is from Azerbaijan. She holds a bachelor’s degree in International Economic Relations and a master’s degree in Diplomacy. She has joined Theodor-Heuss-Kolleg as a participant in 2012 and since 2013 she is a facilitator. She further joined the coordination team of the programme "Time for Development." in Azerbaijan. She adores learning different cultures and languages.

David Vondráček

It all started with České Budějovice in 2011.
Without MitOst I would not have eaten Khinkali in Georgia. Met nice people and learned about their NGO-activities.
My MitOst Utopia: That we render ourselves obsolete, in a way? That the ideals lived by MitOst-members become so normal, that they don't need special support any more.
I would also like to say: To me as a musicologist it is important, that art is not being locked in dreaming spires. It has always had the power to bring people together.

Frank Weiße-Bartos

After his studies of literature 22 years ago, Frank lives in the Czech Republic. He became acquainted with MitOst in 1998 when he organised a festival together with other members. During the members' assembly 2004 in Vilnius, Frank was elected into the very first Project Advisory Board. At the moment, he is the director of an association he has founded in the Czech Republic. Through continued learning he gained knowledge in projekt management and intercultural communication; his practical experiences include the organisation of international projects such as festivals and workshops. 

Info & Contact

Contact Project Advisory Board Projektbeirat: projektbeirat(at)

The Project Advisory Board consists of five MitOst members, elected at the general members' assembly for the period of one year, and one member of the MitOst Board. The members of the Project Advisory Board can look back on many years of exprience in the field of project management.

What are they doing?

The Project Advisory Board accepts project applications and answers to questions around projects and project management related to the various possibilities of MitOst fundings for member projects. You can contact them under projektbeirat(at) The members of the Project Advisory Board will help you writing your project application. They proof-read your project application. And every approved project gets a mentor who works together with the project manager on the application until the project closure.

You can also contact them in case you never have written an application before and you just have an idea for a project in your mind you want to bring on paper.

More information about funding criteria for member projects you find here.
You want to become a member of the Project Advisory Board yourself? Here you can find some information...