Project Advisory Board

MitOst members have the possibility to receive mentoring and financial support for the implementation of their own projects. The honorary Project Advisory Board decides upon project applications and helps during the process of project management.

Johannes Dam

It all started with the MitOst Festival in Budapest 2019, which I got to know about through various meetings and connection with people from the MitOst network.

Without MitOst, one of the most important organisations in the field of cultural exchange and active citizenship in Europe would be missing.

My MitOst Utopia is a global network organisation with positively involved individuals and organisations, which enables transcultural encounters and strengthens civic engagement.

I also would like to share: MitOst stands for me exciting encounters and great projects. The restructuring process is a great opportunity to strengthen these aspects.

Natasa Zrnic

It all started in 2014, when I was a participant of the programme Balkans, let's get up!. After this I started the facilitator’s education at Theodor-Heuss-Kolleg and visited my first MitOst festival in Tbilisi in 2016. It was also my first Members’ Assembly and I got very interested in MitOst, its work and structures.

Without MitOst I would not have had some great conversations, some great days would have never happened and I would miss some great friendships.

I would never have discovered how small this world is when you care about people.

My MitOst Utopia: Courage to keep improving, growing, nurturing, respecting, supporting, empathising, taking responsibility, caring, trying out, failing, persisting, questioning. Utopia is never a finished product :-)

Yasmin Ouberri



It all started with the desire to explore the MitOst cosmos and meet other change-makers. As a Bosch alumni with a diverse network in Arab countries, I am now immersed in a larger network that connects people across national borders.
Without MitOst I would have been denied the chance to get to know so many great people who are just as fond of giving impulses in their communities and making a difference. My participation in the MitOst Festival 2018 in Athens gave me new inspiration for civil society engagement in socially and politically fragile contexts.
My MitOst Utopia
The MitOst cosmos continues to grow and grow… and preserves its unique mission to unite a plethora of activists from diverse fields of action who share the belief that social change is possible and who live it.
I would also like to say I have lived and worked in Egypt for the past three years. However, it is time to use my intercultural experiences back in Germany and to stand up for integrative social interaction. Furthermore, I look forward to numerous project applications - one of my secret passions.

Khaled Aly

It all started with co-creating the a programme of Theodor-Heuss-Kolleg in Egypt in 2013. Since this time I have the passion to meet change-makers from all over the world who really want to have a great impact.

Without MitOst I would not have been part of this network. I would not have met all this nice people, exchanged and shared experiences and challenges with them. Being part of this network is giving me new inspiration for civil society engagement and youth empowerment.

My MitOst Utopia: The MitOst network becomes bigger and connects people from different countries who share the same passion to change the world.

I also would like to say: I am working and living in Egypt and I am here to build a bridge between the passion of Egyptian youth and the MitOst Network to co-extend the impact of MitOst to MENA region. 

Jonas Teune

It all started with my lectureship in Bălți, Moldova and a first introduction into MitOst at the festival in beautiful Ivano-Frankivsk in 2015.

Without MitOst I would have done much fewer warm-ups and check-ins in my life.

My MitOst Utopia: Civil society should be equipping people to stand up for the change they need. MitOst’s place is at the forefront of this endeavour.

I also would like to say: No one is born to change the world – at some point we see a need and act.

Info & Contact

Contact Project Advisory Board Projektbeirat: projektbeirat(at)

The Project Advisory Board consists of five MitOst members, elected at the general members' assembly for the period of one year, and one member of the MitOst Board. The members of the Project Advisory Board can look back on many years of exprience in the field of project management.

What are they doing?

The Project Advisory Board accepts project applications and answers to questions around projects and project management related to the various possibilities of MitOst fundings for member projects. You can contact them under projektbeirat(at) The members of the Project Advisory Board will help you writing your project application. They proof-read your project application. And every approved project gets a mentor who works together with the project manager on the application until the project closure.

You can also contact them in case you never have written an application before and you just have an idea for a project in your mind you want to bring on paper.

More information about funding criteria for member projects you find here.
You want to become a member of the Project Advisory Board yourself? Here you can find some information...