Basic documents and information


Transparency information

Transparency is essential for a vivid and open civil society. Therefore MitOst follows the reporting standards of the German Initiative Transparent Civil Society, which includes the following publications.


Name, address and year of establishment

MitOst e.V.
Alt-Moabit 90
10559 Berlin
Establishment: 1996

Statute and documents that give evidence about our aims

see above

Information about tax concession

MitOst is a public charity. Based on the notice of extemption from the 6th of February (tax ID: 27/672/53156 ) of the Tax authority of Berlin Charlottenburg for corporations we are exempt from corporation tax for 2011 till 2013 due to § 5 Abs. 1 Nr. 9 KStG and from commercial tax due to § 3 Nr. 6 GewStG.

Name and function of the main decision makers

Annual report

The annual report relates to MitOst's budget year which starts at April 1st and ends at March 31st.

Structure of authority

Staff: At the end of March 2015 24 persons are employed at MitOst (main occupation). Additionally, facilitators for some activities in through MitOst conducted programs are under contract.

36 projects were conducted on a voluntary basis within MitOst.

At 2015, February 1st, the association had 1403 members.

Information about the source of funding

Please note the data presented in the annual report (p. 8/9).

Information about the use of means

Please note the data presented in the annual report (p. 8/9).

Affiliated third parties

There are no third parties connected with MitOst.

Institutional Membership

  • VFMW Verein zur Förderung der mittelständischen Wirtschaft e.V.
  • Europäische Bewegung Deutschland EBD
  • Südosteuropa-Gesellschaft
  • Koalition für ein visafreies Europa
  • DARE Democrazy and Human Rights Education in Europe
  • Russia Civil Society Forum
  • Initiative MOE
  • Kulturpolitische Gesellschaft e.V.

Organizations whose annual payings account for more than 10% of the annual budget

In the reporting period the following juristical persons fell under these criteria:

  • Robert Bosch Stiftung GmbH
  • Auswärtiges Amt
  • European Cultural Foundation
  • Stiftung Mercator
MitOst signed the Initiative Transparent Civil Society
To the Initiative Transparent Civil Society