MitOst20 shadow visits: impressions from the Actors meeting

Liubov: "Yesterday I was just in time for the team project presentations. So I got acquainted with most participants and had a chance to discuss some of the projects in detail. [...] Today we have been working on the topic of sustainable project development and positive benefits. Nuno Frazao, social entrepreneur from Portugal, introduced the opportunities of social investments and social impact bonds in Portugal. Andreas Knoth from Socius consulting organisation eloquently spoke about organisation development and the "sustainable curve"."

Especially the excursions made a great impression on the two "shadow visitors": 

Liubov: “We visited the local residents of different "Ilha" neighborhoods of social housing in Porto, where we discussed the work done during the Critical Concrete Summer School and the local municipality initiatives in the field of social housing and urban infrastructure. During a field visit to Aveiro on Saturday, the Actors’ teams met with local activists from the VivaCidade alumni team, working on community engagement projects by means of creating and co-shaping public spaces. The experience exchange of activists of the Aveiro city cycling movement Ciclaveiro and volunteers from Bike Kitchen Bratislava ended up with a city tour by bike.”

Karin: “I am very happy to know how different groups of people in Porto live. Without our local guide, these houses of the poor, their way of living would never be shown to tourists. For these reasons, it is worth joining the projects of Actors of Urban Change. Besides, I strongly recommend an active participation in projects world-wide which try to improve the living conditions of poor people in urban areas.” 

As winners of two out of 20 shadow visits to international programme meetings, Liubov Kuznetsova (Georgia) and Karin Puttfarken (Germany) took part in the Actors Meeting in Porto.

Actors of Urban Change is a cooperation programme of MitOst and Robert Bosch Stiftung.