CitizensLab network meeting in Brussels

All 56 CitizensLab members from 22 European countries are local activists, community artists, social entrepreneurs, scientists and communal politicians. From 8 to 11 March they will meet in Brussels in order to deepen their relations, to build trust and cohesion within the network, to learn from each other’s experiences and develop concrete actions. In a bazaar of initiatives they will get to know each other’s activities through showcasing and storytelling.

In DialogueLabs, interactive discussions with experts from think tanks and the European Parliament as well as journalists, the members will engage in conversations on EU policy making, civil society’s and media’s changing roles, civil society’s involvement and advocacy to influence policy-making on the local, national and supranational level. Moreover, members will develop translocal experiments and transformative interventions to take place all over Europe within the frame of CitizensLab’s main thematic areas (democracy, inclusion, urban transformation, culture&art, education). With those activities the members will work towards the long-term goal of co-creating together a participatory, diverse accountable society in Europe.

The meeting in Brussels will also be attended by MitOst member Naila Ismayilova who won at the "shadow visit lottery" offered in the frame of the MitOst anniversary year. We are looking forward to her feedback!

In her blog article "There is always always a possibility to take action" on the CitizenLab meeting "shadow visitor" Naila comments:

"From my point of view, it’s a great opportunity to learn from each other, to set new goals and co-design initiatives that create participatory, diverse and accountable societies. ... As I strongly believe that the 21st century is a century of networking where inter-sectorial cooperations are meant to shape our common future, this ability of politicians, entrepreneurs, artists and representatives of civil society organisations to sit together, to discuss and make plans for the future of their societies was what inspired me most – especially, as it is something I rarely observe in my own country."

"I would like to see CitizenLab growing as a network in the years to come and am looking forward to observe the implementation of interesting initiatives. I believe that it can be a great platform not only for civil society actors in European, but also in developing countries. P.S. This is a picture which I would like to symbolise the CitizensLab network: it starts from one light and connects many others. I wish CitizensLab will grow the same way."

Naila Ismayilova from Azerbaidjan won the "shadow visit lottery" for MitOst members. Read her account of the CitizensLab meeting in this blog entry