Member projects in the frame of the anniversary year

Until now, the Project Advisory Board has selected 14 projects: 

  • As the result of the project „20 reasons to join and to stay in the MitOst network“ (Azerbaijan) a short movie will be created, which will show different reasons for being part of the MitOst network and the possibilities it offers.

  • In the workshop and exhibition „20 times MitOst“ the MitOst logo will be designed with various art techniques. The objective of the project is to promote MitOst activities in Azerbaijan.

  • "Workshops in Rio" use the example of MitOst to convince children and young people in the Polish town Ryjewo (Rio) that the world is open for their ideas.

  • The project „Ukraine – Status quo“ will organize a panel discussion about the current situation in Ukraine and artistic approaches to it, showing the movie „Der Igel des Maidan“ ("The Headgehog of Maidan").

  • The flashmob project „Making the Colours“ will explain the MitOst mission to young people in Adjara region in Georgia in order to encourage them to cross-border collaboration and exchange.

  • Continuation of one of the 2016 member project  Write the City: It gathered migrants (in Warsaw) with a fresh literary interest to explore their new surroundings. The blog that was created, is going to be made known to other migrant communities in three towns in three different neighbouring countries.  

  • "Polska Planeta": founding meeting of a regional MitOst group in Warsaw on 31 March.

  • Vocal workshop in Dresden with the result of a MitOst birthsday song

  • Balkana L.E. - Networking in Leipzig: reunion of former fellows of the Lectureship programme

  • ARTa Game Night (Moscow): The association of Russian THK-trainers (ARTa) invite to an open game night on 17 and 19 April where educational games on social rights, dialogue, values and ecological consciousness can be discovered (and played!). 

  • "Connecting and celebrating" (Tbilisi, Georgia): meeting of around 30 THK trainers and alumni on 1 and 2 April 2017, where possibilities to offer services to other organisations were discussed, followed by a celebration with MitOst friends.

  • MitOstCaravan Leipzig: on 24 June, an active group of MitOst members in Leipzig invite you to get to know the life styles and interests of other members and MitOst friends. The complete programme is available here.

  • During a rally from Tbilisi to Batumi with After Beach Party alumni teams get to know people and places in the Georgian countryside by means of an interactive competition; they also exchange experiences and connect for future activities.

  • Alumni of EcoVisio in Moldova meet-up to a three-day long hands-on stay in a developing Eco village and get to know non-formal outdoor methods. 

The Project Advisory Board offers 20 times 200 Euro funding for mini-projects on the topic "Connecting & Celebrating for Open Societies."

Members can apply with their project idea at projektbeirat(at) and write us (with) whom they want to connect, how and why.