International MitOst Festival

The MitOst Festival is the highlight of the association’s year. Since 2003 taking place each year in a different European town, it displays the diversity of our network and the commitment of our members. Around 400 participants become acquainted with the host city and its inhabitants. They present their own voluntary projects, hold events and mini-projects, offer workshops and network. There is also plenty of space for self-organised intercultural cooperation. A general programme of film screenings, exhibitions, discussions, readings, city tours, and concerts brings the spirit of MitOst to the host city while uniting members, alumni, partner organisations, and local inhabitants.


MitOst Festival 2015. Film created for MitOst e.V. by munu LAB: operatorSerzh Kuznetsov & editied by Nikita Sokolov.

MitOst Festival 2018: Register until 4th of July

The 16th International MitOst Festival will take place from 3 to 7 October 2018 in the Metaxourgio district of Athens, Greece!
You will have the opportunity to experience MitOst, meet friends and enlarge your professional network, explore certain issues and methods or use the collective intelligence to co-create new projects. The diversity of the network, its people, topics and approaches as well as the commitment and enthusiasm of the community will all come together in the warm Greek autumn breeze.

We kindly invite you to join the 16th International MitOst Festival and spread the word. This year we will meet, exchange and celebrate in Athens, Greece and will be hosted by our wonderful local partners Stelios from COMM’ON and Natassa from Communitism.

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