1st International BoschAlumniForum

Commoning as a local response to the global crisis

November 9 to 12, 2017, Portugal, Aveiro & Porto Region

Southern European countries like Portugal have been affected severely by the European debt crisis since 2008. Today, a transition into a “post-crisis” period begins to show. Portugal left the IMF-EU bailout system in 2014 and is showing the first signs of economic growth. However, the long-term impact of the crisis on local communities within the countries affected still didn’t emerge.
Our thesis is that commoning at a local level is key to respond to the global crisis during this transformation phase in Portugal and in other countries.

In recent years, models of participatory democracy in Portugal have been developed for the first time, mainly in the context of revitalization of former industrial sites. The International BoschAlumniForum is an invitation to a journey that starts at the sea coast between Porto and Aveiro and then moves us on the Vouga river train line towards the coast up-country.

Based on different cases of “impact places”, we invite the participants of the International Bosch Alumni Forum to deal with the following questions: How do sustainable living places emerge through social innovation practices? Which new models of governance and decision making processes have been established or can potentially be further developed in the upcoming years? How can these models be scaled or transferred into other contexts? Which theoretical models can be applied to observe and provoke commoning processes and their effects on communities?

Both, personal and professional exchange are at the center of the International BoschAlumniForum. Your expertise and experience are an important part of the programme. We encourage you to include examples of your current or past practice in the discussion. In addition, we invite representatives from the field and academia to discuss their experiences, concepts and visions on the subject.

Hosts and Partners

The International BoschAumniForum is hosted by 4iS plataforma para a inovação social and MitOst in cooperation with the International Alumni Center (iac Berlin). In recent years, MitOst has hosted the BoschAlumniForum together with the Helga Breuninger Stiftung at its Paretz Akademie, Germany. The International BoschAumniForum in Portugal is the first one in English and planned as a start of an annual format of iac Berlin and MitOst taking place with different European host organisations and complementing the existing Forum.

Participation and application

All members of the Bosch Alumni Network who now hold responsible positions in political, economic, cultural and civil society fields or are self-employed and would like to give their expert opinion at the forum are invited to apply.

Thanks to the financial support of the Robert Bosch Stiftung through the iac Berlin, the costs for overnight stays and meals will be taken over. Up to 50% of the travel expenses will be reimbursed with a maximum of 150 Euro.

Please send your applications by August, 4th 2017 via the online form.
Do not hesitate to contact us with your questions at boschalumniforum(at)mitost.org.

We are looking forward to your applications!

João Pedro Rosa (4iS - plataforma para a inovação social), Kathrin Oerters (MitOst e.V.) and Darius Polok (iac Berlin / Bosch Alumni Network)

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