Werkstätten zur Stärkung bürgerschaftlichen Engagements in Europa

Qualification and networking events to strengthen civil participation in Europe

  • How to make changes in your society?
  • How to strengthen engagement on local, regional and European level? 
  • How to create an active and sustainable network of partners?
  • And what approaches and methods are suitable for achieving these goals? 

The project "Werkstätten zur Stärkung bürgerschaftlichen Engagements in Europa" offered for about 300 active citizens and NGO representatives in three events space to work on these questions. The events combined intergenerational and non-formal learning as well as many panels on current topics, such as new forms of societal and environmental involvement, active citizenship, youth empowerment and diversity education. The project supported participants to broaden their competences in civic engagement, to network and find partners as well as to develop new and concrete ideas on how to strengthen civil society in Europe. Herewith you find a short description of each event and an overview of the main results. We hope you will find here some methods, approaches or ideas, that will help you to improve your work and civic engagement. 

Internationale Netzwerkstatt

28.09.-01.10.2011, Ceske Budejovice/ Czech RepublicLanguages: German, English, Czech

More than two hundred active citizens came together in Ceske Budejovice for the first project activity - "Internationale Netzwerkstatt". This part was devoted to the topic "New Engagement". The main thematical strands in over 40 workshops, panels and discussions were environmental and civic involvement, approaches and methods of supporting voluntary work and diversity education, as well as current developments in civil societies in Central-, East- and Southeast Europe.
Program (DE)
Participants Reports (DE): Workshop "The Game of Politics "Workshop "Neues Engagement von A bis Z", Workshop "Simulation Games , Film "Voices of Transition", Film "Protestkulturen", Buchvorstellung "Urban Gardening", Ausstellung "Wovon Menschen leben"

Seminar Series "Play Your Part – Active Participation in Civil Society"

Introductory and Qualification Seminar
25.-31.03.2012, Weimar/Germany
Language: English

More than 50 European citizens active in civil society were brought together by this seminar series. During a seven-day qualification and introductory seminar in Weimar they broadened their competences in several fields of civic engagement, learned about EU-funding opportunities and developed their own activity plans. The aim was to improve the impact of their work and to strengthen civil society in Europe. At the beginning of the seminar, parallel three-day working groups focused on exchange of experiences in the fields of youth empowerment, active citizenship and diversity work. A presentation of the working groups’ results took place on the fourth day of the seminar, during self-organized guided tours. Afterwards participants received a detailed overview about three EU-funding programs relevant for their fields of work: Grudtvig, Youth in Action and Europe for Citizens. On the fifth and sixth seminar day the developed ideals were put into concrete activity plans.

Program (EN)
Reports (EN): Working Group A, Working Group B, Working Group C, Plenary Sessions

Reflecting Seminar
17.-.21.09.2012, Brussels/Belgium
Language: English

After the qualification and introductory seminar the participants had about six months to try out their activity plans. In September they came together in Brussels for a reflecting seminar aimed at reflecting their progress. During several study visits of European organizations, institutions as well as discussions with members of parliament, the participants gained extensive knowledge about current European politics and their impact on civil society. The seminar series gave the impulse for several cooperation projects.
Program (EN)
Report (EN)


Antikomplex (CZ), Association MitOst (DE), Barevny deti (CZ), European Youth Education and Meeting Centre Weimar (DE), Genius Loci (PL), International Elias Canetti Society (BG), Südwind Niederösterreich Süd (AT), Zavod O (SI)

The seminar series is part of the project “Werkstätten zur Stärkung bürgerschaftlichen Engagements in Europa”.

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