Grundtvig Learning Partnership "Kaleidoskop"

“An inclusive community is vibrant because it appreciates the value of having input and contributions from people of different walks of life and experiences.”
Ivan Hernandez

The project "Kaleidoscope" is a Grundtvig learning partnership of 4 organisations from 4countries – Czech republic, Germany, Great Britain and Romania with the aim of exchanging know-how and experience with working with different target groups in the field of diversity and social inclusion. During the visits to each of the participating organisations, the learners get a first-hand experience of the work of each partner organisation by taking an active part in some of their activities and creating a "transferable knowledge" about inclusive approaches. At the same time, experiencing the activities of each organisation will enable the partners to provide an invaluable qualified feedback on the work and methods of each organisation.

The symbolic name "Kaleidoscope" refers to the multiplying effect of "mirroring" the know-how acquired within the learning partnership further in the home countries of the partner organisations. At the same time, serving as a mirror by giving feedback on the activities of each partner will support the learning process and improve the quality and sustainability of the work of all organisations involved. And just like a kaleidoscope, these processes, combined with the colourful pieces of activities that the delegates take part in during the international mobilities, create an amazing picture of what a successful social inclusion in its diverse forms can look like. In this way a synergic effect of the partnership is achieved that enables the project participants to learn from the diverse expertise, methods and best practices of each partner organisation and transform the experience and know-how of the whole group into improving their work in the field of inclusion in their home country, and even include new target groups in their future activities.


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