Europe out of Conflict: 60 Young Europeans meet in Brussels

In 2014, we commemorate the start of the First World War, 100 years ago. On this occasion we want young Europeans to reflect on that time period, and let them try to generate useful knowledge they can use to strengthen themselves and our society. Some intellectuals see similarities between our situation now and 100 years before. Conflict was never absent in Europe, in 2014 the developments in the Ukraine are one aspect. Another one is the financial crisis, that hit a lot of countries in Europe with all its implications. Despite more mobility between European citizens we observe as well the opposite: a lot of people take refuge in national, ethnic, or religious identities. Fears come to front and propaganda against minorities increases.

All project partners are convinced that new generations should learn from the past to shape a positive future. Therefore, this project aims to empower 60 youngsters participating in this project for learning how to deal with conflicts as an integral part of society in a constructive way.

60 young people from seven European countries

The participants will gain knowledge about past and current conflicts in and outside Europe. They also develop civic and problem-solving skills, as they learn how to consider issues from different perspectives. 

German Meeting on 18th of October 2014

The selected participants from Germany met in Berlin/Potsdam. In an innovative way they presented their reflections and concerns regarding the topic over country borders. Watch  here: RealtimeBoard

European Conference in Brussels from 24th to 30th of November 2014

In Brussels we meet with all participants and work on the following issues:

  • Conflict in the past. Including a visit of Ieper, the Flanders Fields Museum, the British cemetery Tine Cot.
  • Conflicts today, conflict and its causes. At the borders of Europe and within the EU. Conflicts between social groups, generations, or countries.
  • European Peace treaty and peaceful leadership: what can be the role of leaders in conflict prevention/resolution? With visits of EP and meeting MEPs in Brussels. What can citizens do to prevent conflicts?
  • The workshops will be worked out by means of creative, activating and inspiring methods.

German Participants

The German participants were selected through MitOst.Application Form


Nils-Eyk Zimmermann
Nazila Khalilova

Date and Place

The conference will take place in Brussels between 24th and 30th of November 2014.

Project Partners

Ryckevelde (BE)
Evens Foundation (BE)
YMCA Dobrich (BG)
MitOst (DE)
Projekt: Polska (PL)
Cesam Foundation (SE)