III. European Forum Diversity and Cooperation

The III. European Forum Diversity and Cooperation takes place from October 2017 to February 2018.

The European Forum Diversity and Cooperation consists of three steps:

1. Forum-Meeting as a part of International MitOst Festival in Frankfurt (Oder)/Słubice, 4th to 8th October 2017

Participants connect to other actors from different sectors in Europe and it’s neighboring countries, exchange about your expertise regarding diversity and cooperation, attend the international MitOst-Festival and prepare your mutual work shadowing visits.

2. Work Shadowing Visits in Europe and neighboring countries, November 2017 until January 2018

During a 5 day trip participants get an insight in the work of your hosting organization, learn about practices for diversity and cooperation and transfer it to your work.

3. Harvesting Meeting in Berlin, 15th to 18th of February 2018

Participants gather the identified tools to strengthen diversity and cooperation, spread the results and consolidate the network of participants for future cooperation.



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