Tandem Europe Abschlusstreffen in Athen, 25. bis 28. Januar 2017

Magdalenas Erwartungen: "I consider myself very lucky because I won the lottery and simply the fact that I’m going to visit a Tandem event and Greece for the first time in my life makes me happy and excited about the trip. My biggest expectation is to get insight into how Tandem helps the cultural managers collaborate beyond borders, keep up motivation during such a long period of time and over big distances."

Vor Ort: "My first day in Athens, which seems to be a human city, not too intimidating for a newcomer. In the morning, I followed step by step Thea Werner, Tandem Europe staff, who we had a job shadowing session with (a good way to get to know the programme). Thea facilitated a storytelling where Tandem participants talked about the most significant changes that took place during the implementation of their projects. ... The second and third day of my visit to Tandem were filled with project presentations - first in the city center of Athens and then in a nearby city of Elefsina, which - in the parts we visited - retained the flair of a sea resort while also suffering from environmental degradation due to activities of several industries. I would have been happy to talk to more Tandem people and learn more about the projects, but the time was just too short!" 

Lieblingsprojekte von Gulnara:
"One street project in Elefsina connected inhabitants to their living space through the joint creation of an artistic light installation. The 'Eleusis Box' performance presented a prototype of a card game which serves to discuss, share and remember stories on public spaces. The 'What is Home' theatre workshop had more of an psychological approach – how do people feel about home, about movement? The “ShipShape” project was a great toolkit and interactive game for young people raising awareness on globalisation and environmental effects. ... All these amazing projects inspired me and I felt how art can be a great tool for delivering messages to society."

Nachklang: Magdalena wurde durch die Erfahrung zum Blogbeitrag "You can stop hiding now!" inspiriert, in dem sie die Beschreibung einer Tandem-Kollaboration mit der Frage verbindet, was es eigentlich braucht, um tolle Projekte - und ihre Methoden - bekannter zu machen. Lesenswert!

Gewinnerinnen der "Hospitationslotterie" für das Tandem-Treffen waren MitOst-Mitglieder Magdalena Lapshin (Polen) und Gulnara Ismailova (Aserbaidschan). Hier sowie im Blogbeitrag "You can stop hiding now!" lest ihr von ihren Eindrücken.