TANDEM Turkey – European Union

The programme aims at establishing long-term partnerships between cultural organisations from Turkey and the EU countries. It is targeted on engaging participants in an intense international collaboration process, which includes realisation of a shared interdisciplinary project, linked to their cultural expertise.

The political landscape across the EU, Turkey and their neighbour regions has substantially changed since TANDEM Turkey-EU started with a pilot in 2011. In times of harshening working circumstances for cultural actors in Turkey and a vanishing EU integration perspective building robust long-term EU-Turkey collaboration channels become ever more essential.

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How does it work?
For one year, 15 cultural managers/project coordinators from Turkey and 15 from different EU countries form 15 transnational collaboration Tandems. All participants spend a placement at their partner’s organisation. Next to experiencing a new cultural environment, this working visit includes the planning and implementation of a shared cultural project or co-production. In addition to these exchange visits, the entire group meets several times to share their experience and knowledge of international collaboration and cross-cultural management. Throughout the process, participants receive know-how support from the programme organisers as well as project funding for their co-production/joint project.


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(Round 1 | 2011-2012)



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