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Since March 2014 we, a group of MitOst-members, and a big group of different authors are writing this blog. Our everyday surroundings affect us. They have an impact on us. They influence our perspectives, our motivation and our action. Being cultural, civic, social activists, project managers and change makers we form and shape the environment around us. This blog should be a space for voices beyond the news, voices from the civil society.
This blog has been set up to shed light on this development and interdependence, happen

  • with us as individuals,
  • with our families and relatives,
  • with our friends;
  • with our projects, programs and organizations,
  • with our co-citizens, villages and cities.

This blog illustrates personal perceptions on larger phenomena. We want to share personal impressions regarding effects in politics and policy, social movement, personal change and change in society. We want to share diffenrent experiences. The blog Beyond the News was set up by a group of members of the organization MitOst e.V.. The authors are MitOst-members, they friends and partners in the MitOst network. Shares and blogposts can be:

  • any kind of text: articles, essays, reports, poems,
  • any pictures or a series of pictures that stem from the author and depict a content,
  • any self-made videos or commented videos by others
  • any other formats of your imaginationι.

If you are interested in writing a text, making a short video, drawing a comic or sending us pictures, please write to werling(at)

Recent Blog Posts

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by Sergei Shalamov, member of the board of MitOst

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by Reem Kassem, Founding Director, Agora Arts & Culture, Egypt