Activities 2018

Szczecin Hackathon
Welcome to the Hackathon Szczecin – the first THK education and creating methods marathon. It will take place in Szczecin, Poland from 22th -26th February 2018. The participants of the event are the THK facilitators from the education year 2016/17. During the 5-day meeting we are going to work intensively, trying to implement a holistic approach for learning processes. Prior to the meeting we will share the researched materials with the group online. Discussions, creating and trying out new methods in our group will be the main part of the Hackathon followed by short workshops with teenagers from one of Szczecin’s High Schools. Working languages are Russian and English.
Szczecin, Poland | February 2018
Contact: Joanna Nowosad

Study Trip: Europe’s Forgotten Countries: the Long Road of Transition to Democracy in Albania 
From 27th to 30th of April, 2018 alumni of “Europa gestalten - Politische Bildung in Aktion” are organising a study trip called "Europe’s Forgotten Countries: the Long Road of Transition to Democracy in Albania". During the trip, participants will not only discuss historical and current social issues, but will also meet local multipliers and institutions that can potentially become partners for future projects. The trip contributes to bringing Albania to the attention and interest of other European countries to promote future-oriented cooperation projects. In addition, the trip is an opportunity to explore the question why 'the periphery' of Europe can teach us much about the leading and dominant 'centre'.
Tirana, Albania | April 2018
Contact: Ilira Aliai