Active Citizenship

MitOst supports active citizenship and encourages civic engagement.

We believe that everyone has the right and the potential to act responsibly as a citizen and to take on advocacy for his or her interests and the interests of his or her community. MitOst therefore encourages in particular young people to participate actively in social processes and to act democratically. MitOst motivates, supports and accompanies them through tailor-made qualifications and projects. Besides, we connect and support civil society actors that strengthen connection, cohesion and agency in Europe and beyond. 

Through these programmes and projects MitOst offers concepts, competencies and contacts beyond borders:


encourages young people from more than 30 countries to actively engage in their societies by the means of citizenship education, practical skills training and voluntary project work.

Dialogue for Change

strengthens civil society actors by developing new forms of civic engagement and supporting a process of social transformation in Ukraine. 

Advocate Europe 

Idea competition for innovative, hands-on and practise-based European projects.


– a European network of local actors of change

Lectureship Programme in Eastern Europe and Asia

The Robert Bosch Stiftung's Lectureship Programme is implemented by MitOst. 

European Forum – Active Citizenship

The European Forum – Active Citizenship is a new annual format of MitOst and Federal Agency for Civic Education.



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