13. International MitOst Festival

Dear members,we kindly invite you to Ivano-Frankivsk to the 13th International MitOst Festival. The festival will take place from 23rd to 27th of September 2015.We are glad about the opportunity to create through our festival in... [more]

Help us support "MINDEPENDENCE" campaign,

Video message from Eszter Tóth, 1. chairwoman and Martin Hofmann, k-i-d jury member. Support media independece in Hungary, Turkey and Egypt. Support MINDEPENDENCE. Please join us in supporting and sharing! MINDEPENDENCE is a... [more]

TANDEM Europe launched. Apply until 8 July

Tandem Europe is the most recent addition to the TANDEM programme family. It is for cultural managers who work on creative solutions that make social innovation possible throughout the EU. We believe that complex socio-economic... [more]

Apply for TANDEM Shaml until 22nd of June

We are proud to announce the third round of Tandem Shaml. The programme supports experimental collaborations between cultural change makers from the Arab region and Europe. Application is possible until the 22nd of June 2015. ... [more]

MitReise 2015 to Athens

The next MitReise will go to Athens from 3rd to 8th of July 2015. The participants will explore the contrasts of Athens – from past glory of great thinkers to the present deadlocks. Local experts, actors from civil society and... [more]

Support Members Project

theater and performance project ¡everything’s different? in Ukraine Dear MitOst members and friends! We are looking for active and passive supporters for our theater and performance project ¡everything’s different? in Ukraine:... [more]

Call for application: Coordination International MitOst-Festival 2016

We are looking for a coordinator who organises the International MitOst-Festival 2016 together with MitOst, a local team and his/her city. This application is considered as a proposal of the festival location at the same time. ... [more]