Open Call: Balkans, let’s get up! Forum "Balkan Drivers of Change"

Connect with active people and alumni from the Balkans. Share and exchange expierences and co-develop new ideas. Apply until 15 February.

Dear alumni of MitOst, dear members of MitOst network sitauated in the Balkans,

It is our pleasure to invite you to our first edition of Balkans, let’s get up! Forum: Balkan Drivers of Change that will be held from 1.3.2018. to 4.3.2018. in Belgrade, Serbia.

is a new and innovative format developed in the frame of Balkans, let’s get up! Programme, one of cooperation programmes of Theodor-Heuss-Kolleg. It brings together the programme alumni coming from 11 Balkan countries, making regional connections stronger. It invites and welcomes outside stakeholders (partners, supporters, local NGOs) and builds up the connections on the local. The entire event is co-created and delivered together with the event participants.

BALKAN DRIVERS OF CHANGE is the meeting place of different MitOst alumni and members’ groups who share the vision of Balkans as the society of peace, cooperation, civic responsibility and prosperity, We are joining together for the first time to see how we can work together towards sustainable civic engagement.

On that occasion, we invite you to participate and also contribute!

If you are looking for a way to re-connect in the Balkan region with the changemakers, share your experiences and create new initiatives, check out the attached Call for participation, where you will find additional information and the link for registration.

In case you are passionate about your work and you want an opportunity to share your ideas, thoughts and knowledge, we invite you to join the team as both an educator and a learner! For that purpose we have created a Call for content.

What we offer:

  • Creative and inspiring environment
  • Covered travel costs (cheapest means of travel), accommodation and breakfast.

What we ask from you:

  • Positive energy, happy faces and ideas to share 
  • In order to stay within the budget, instead of paying the participation fee, we would kindly ask you to cover your lunch and dinner. We will makes sure to show you all the places where you can eat at affordable prices.

Apply until 15 of February here: 

For all questions, inquiries and suggestions you can contact us on programme.assistant(at) 

You want to share something at the conferences and host a workshop, presentation, lesson or discussion? We would love to have you on board!

Deadline: 12th February 2018.

As we already announced, this is the first time BLGU is organising the Forum and we wish to do it together with all of you! We want to build traditional gathering that will, from year to year, enable us to exchange, learn from each other, motivate and inspire each other and co-create the Balkans the way we imagine it! We all share passion and devotion for improving ourselves and our societies, and we want to use this opportunity to invite you to put yourself in both position of educator and a learner.

What can you share? Anything! A workshop you experienced and it was inspiring for you, experience you had that can teach others valuable lesson, discussion on the topic you find socially relevant, theater play that is thought provoking, city tour that can make others question their preconceptions. We don’t have a topic you should stick to, but the general motto of the Forum is getting connected and anything that brings us a little bit closer is eligible.

We planned 90 minutes sessions, but if you need more or less time than that, it can be organized as well. You can submit more than one idea, but bear in mind we would like to give opportunity to more people to get involved.

How to apply? 
 1. Follow the registration link: 
 2. After entering your personal information you will be asked: “Do you wish to lead the session at the Forum”. 
 3. Mark YES and you will be asked to fill in the details about the session. 
 4. Proceed on next and submit your application. We will let you know latest until 15th February if your workshop was selected, so you have some time to prepare for it.

For any question, write to: programme.assistant(at)