Finnish and Bulgarian Folksong workshop 6-7 May in Berlin: a few places still available


Finnish & Bulgarian Folk Song, 6–7 May 2017, 11 a.m. - 3.30 p.m. (10 x 45 min)

- Repertoire

- Vocal Training

- Singing & Impro Techniques

Teacher Emmi Kujanpää, Finland

FEE 60 EUR (35 EUR / one day)

Language: English

Course Registration: rozovadolina13(at)

The Folk Singing Workshop is focused on Eastern European singing traditions from Karelia to Balkan area. In the workshop we’ll sing traditional songs with one and two parts and also choir arrangements. We will learn how to do different kinds of vocal ornamentations techniques – shakes, glottal stops and vibratos – in a healthy way. The workshop addresses singers with some years of experience in world music. Also professional musicians and music teachers are welcome. 

Emmi Kujanpää (MA) is a Finnish folk musician / folk singing teacher specialising in Finnish, Karelian and Bulgarian folk music. She studied at the Sibelius Academy's Folk Music Department and the Academy of Music Dance And Fine Arts in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. Bulgaria. At the moment Kujanpää currently teaches folk singing as part of Sibelius Academy's GLOMAS programme and works as a singer, composer and researcher. She has recently been honoured for her music in different European countries. 

Emmi Kujanpää – Music & video links (with her Celenka band): 

Bulgarian / Karelian (comp. Emmi Kujanpää):