International MitOst-Festival

The MitOst Festival is the highlight of the association’s year. Since 2003 taking place each year in a different European town, it displays the diversity of our network and the commitment of our members. Around 400 participants become acquainted with the host city and its inhabitants. They present their own voluntary projects, hold events and mini-projects, offer workshops and network. There is also plenty of space for self-organised intercultural cooperation. A general programme of film screenings, exhibitions, discussions, readings, city tours, and concerts brings the spirit of MitOst to the host city while uniting members, alumni, partner organisations, and local inhabitants.

MitOst Festival 2017: registration and call for programme proposals open now!

With the slogan care – create – celebrate we invite members and friends to join the 15th International MitOst Festival which takes place from 4-8 October 2017 in Frankfurt (Oder) and Słubice in the German-Polish border region.

Due to its history and geographic position, the twin-city Frankfurt (Oder) / Słubice is particularly suited for cross-border encounters and exchange. On occasion of the upcoming festival, we are happy to unite a variety of people there: people who care about the current socio-political developments but also strive for looking beyond; people who want to share knowledge, celebrate culture and the plurality of opinions; people who are eager to start or create something together. They are all warmly invited to the 15th International MitOst Festival: to meet up with people from Europe and its neighbouring countries, to support each other, to explore new ways and methods, and to celebrate for instance 20 years of MitOst.

In 2017, the festival will focus particularly on these topics:

  • co-creation and participation
  • cross-border networking and European cohesion
  • capacity building
  • communication at the festival

Round Tables in preparation of the MitOst Festival 2017

In March and April 2017, Round Tables in Frankfurt (Oder) and Słubice gathered around 30 local supporters who exchanged first ideas regarding the festival. Among them were artists, drama teachers, city representatives, staff of Viadrina University and Collegium Polonicum, students, mini/midi festival organisers as well as interested Frankfurt citizens and MitOst members – many of them already active in border-crossing social or cultural activities. A common wish was to make the festival not only an international meet-up, but an incubator for sustainable change and exchange for citizens on both sides of the river. Questions tackled were: How to open the festival for participation of local residents and associations? How to overcome the language barrier(s)? How to connect cultural and municipal actors of both cities in the preparation process.

MitOst Festival 2016

In October 2016, MitOst invited its members and activists interested in cross-regional cultural and civic exchange to meet at the International MitOst Festival in Tbilisi (Georgia).

Find out more about the festival on the festival website and on facebook/internationalesmitostfestival.

MitOst Festival 2015. Film created for MitOst e.V. by munu LAB: operatorSerzh Kuznetsov & editied by Nikita Sokolov.